Negative Reinforcement Versus Punishment

Discussions are an opportunity for you to practice clearly and effectively communicating your ideas, interact with and respectfully challenge your peers, and support your writing with examples and scholarly resources. Be sure to answer all parts of the discussion and view the rubric to be sure you can earn maximum points. Successfully completing this activity meets Module Outcome 4. This activity aligns with the career competencies of written communication, critical thinking, and intercultural fluency. For your discussion posting this week, please write about the following: In your own words, explain the difference between negative reinforcement and punishment. Provide at least one clearly explained example of each based on your own experiences in your daily life. In your writing, be sure to describe the effect(s) of punishment on behavior and provide some evidence-based research (properly citing and referencing in APA style) to support your writing. In your replies to others, work with your classmates to respectfully challenge and support each other’s viewpoints, identifying how cultural and individual differences play a role in how we perceive consequences (like rewards and punishers). Consult Discussion Criteria and the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. It is recommended that you write your post in a document first. Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. This is a “post first” discussion forum, which means you must submit your initial post before you can view other students’ posts. When you are ready to make your initial post, click on “Reply.” Then copy/paste the text into the message field, and click “Post Reply.” This is a “post first” discussion forum. You must submit your initial post before you can view other students’ posts. To respond to a peer, click “Reply” beneath her or his post and continue as with an initial post. Remember to properly cite and reference your sources in APA format! Evaluation This discussion will be graded using the discussion board rubric. Please review this rubric, located on the Rubrics page within the Start Here module of the course, prior to beginning your work to ensure your participation meets the criteria in place for this discussion. All discussions combined are worth 35% of your final course grade. Keep the following points in mind when working in the discussion forums: Postings should display originality in thought and insightful synthesis. Postings should demonstrate understanding of key concepts. Responses should be original and stimulate discussion.

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