Negotiations Midterm Paper

Clearly describe two stories that you have about life. That is, what are two paradigms (assumptions) that you have constructed about life and how it should be?  Kindly describe their rules in detail.

In addition, please describe what are the positive and negative consequences of having these rules, if any?  This is very important.  Often we dont realize that certain behaviors or attitudes we have, carry with them have rules that we adhere too and either intended or unintended consequences or results that we may or may not want.

Also include in your analysis how these rules which are embedded in our stories impact others interactions with you.  That is what do you feel are others reactions to you based upon you holding these rules?  This is really saying that we dont exist in isolation and that our personal choices impact others.

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Finally, please describe what a potential alternative to your story would be and what would happen if you adopted this “other” storyline and its resulting consequences?

You should answer each portion of the issues indicated above.

Please note that our final paper will center on “Never Split the Difference” so please pay attention to what people are doing and saying around that book.


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