novel monoclonal antibody for a novel target (cancer therapy)

i have to write an essay about developing a NOVEL monoclonal antibody to treat cancer (NOVEL target) i.e this target does not have a monoclonal antibody treatment yet.
I need you to write:
1-how make the antibody, mouse then humanise, human ?transgenic mice, phage libraries.
2-Mechanism of action- Direct killing, ADCC, CDC, neutralisation, drug or radiolabeled conjugate?
4-Specificity,how you will examine its specificity.
5-Anti-tumour model.
6-phace I clinical trial, how it will be preformed, then phaseII and phase III.
PLEASE make sure that it is a novel monoclonal antibody targeting a novel target.and make sure you cover all the 6 points i have mentioned, with all the tests and assays need to be done in the screening.
regarding the reference,i just need you to reference whatever needs to be referenced, so you can go for more or less, the most important thing i need 1500 word in this essay at least,without the reference words

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