NSW Modern History Syllabus

Present the assignment in TWO parts clearly labelled Part A and Part B.

Assignment Task

Part A: Essay (1000 words)

Choose a JUNIOR secondary HSIE/SOSE syllabus that you intend to teach from and write a structured essay (each section

must be clearly labelled) in which you explain how fieldwork can contribute

meeting the outcomes of the Syllabus;

enabling students to understand the relevant issues from various perspectives;

incorporating Values Education into your teaching; and

developing Civics and Citizenship Education.
To complete Part A successfully, you will need to refer to your reading from the Topic Notes, the textbook and other

relevant sources.

Part B: Lesson Plan for a Fieldwork Activity

Design a lesson plan for a fieldwork activity that will support your teaching of a selected syllabus topic or area of

content. This activity needs to reflect the specific requirements of your chosen syllabus and could be in a virtual format

instead of an actual site study or visit. Part B restricts you to a plan for ONE lesson (this can be a double period), but

the fieldwork activity could be part of a larger excursion.

You must clearly label and present your response to each of the following seven sections:

Name the syllabus for a junior secondary Society and Environment subject that you intend to teach.

State the section of the syllabus upon which you will base a series of lessons that will use a fieldwork activity as the

main resource.

State the syllabus outcomes that your fieldwork activity will address.

List any specific outcomes (the concepts and skills that will be developed through participation in the activity).

A BRIEF description of the overall unit/series of lessons that includes the fieldwork activity. This can be done in point

form and does NOT require you to present complete lesson plans.

A DETAILED LESSON PLAN for the fieldwork activity that your students will take part in, including a description of the

resource(s) used.

The WORKSHEET that will guide students through the activity. This needs to be of suitable detail and length to

demonstrate that students will effectively use the fieldwork experience to engage with the intended syllabus content, skills

and outcomes.
NOTE: Provide a full list of references at the end of your assignment. Use the APA referencing style (follow the link on

the right-hand column of the homepage for this Unit).


Your assignment will be evaluated against the following criteria:

There is evidence of relevant research.

The assignment demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of the uses of fieldwork in teaching, including its

applicability to teaching from various perspectives and in addressing aspects of Values Education and Civics and Citizenship.

The fieldwork lesson plan is appropriate for the resources available and is likely to stimulate the interests of students

and enable them to meet the stated outcomes.

The worksheet clearly supports the stated aims of this fieldwork activity and provides appropriate material to enhance

the students experience.

The assignment demonstrates the professional literacy required of a beginning teacher and is referenced according to APA



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