NURS 8111

Community health workers


Each student will choose a teaching project that they are interested in and that will be useful in a particular clinical context. Both the preceptor and a faculty member must give the project their preliminary approval. Project formats such as posters, pamphlets, staff in-services, classes in the community, and presentations at local or regional professional gatherings are all suitable. The professor will watch the lesson and offer feedback on the visual product.

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In the 8111 seminar, each student will also present their project. Please be aware that the PowerPoint presentation for the 8111 seminar should accurately represent the content of the paper; the teaching assignment’s PowerPoint slides do not need to be submitted. The written report and project presentation are judged according to the criteria listed below:

Introduction and Needs Evaluation

An overview of the overall area of interest is given, followed by a description of the subject, topic, or problem that is specifically addressed.

a justification for the topic selection and how the necessity of the project or presentation was established. Include results from a specially created Needs Assessment Form that was given to the target population, if used.

a description of the marketing strategy for the project or presentation.

B. Description of the Project/Presentation

The project’s or presentation’s overall purpose

Describe the target market and environment that had an impact on how the project was delivered.

Review of the relevant literature (summarise at least 5 papers on the subject)

The presentation’s or project’s format (lecture, demonstration, panel discussion, brochure, etc.)

A minimum of two clear, measurable, and precise learning objectives (cognitive, psychomotor, and emotional) that are linked to the project’s or presentation’s outline’s content and are stated as “At the conclusion of this programme or activity, the learners or participants should…” Please use the table at the bottom of the page and include it in your paper’s main body.


C. The paper’s and presentation’s quality

The paper and presentation are both of scholarly calibre.

Sample table

Learning Objective


(what do you want them to learn?)

Content Outline


(what information are you going to cover?)

Strategies and materials


(how are you going to teach this?)



(how will you know they learned?)


D. Paper Length and References

A maximum of 8 pages excluding title page and reference page

A minimum total of 10 references; a minimum of 6 must be evidence-based practice journal articles.

E. Teaching Project Power Point Presentation

A maximum of 10 slides not including title page and reference page.


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