Instructions for Assessment 4: Examining a Problem in Current Healthcare
Write a four- to six-page study of a contemporary health care issue or problem that includes a suggested fix and any potential ethical repercussions.

You will encounter a lot of issues in your job in healthcare that need fixing. You can find out what people are doing and saying about situations comparable to yours by applying research skills. The issue, as well as the systems and people it affects, can then be studied. You can also look at potential fixes and their effects. This assessment gives you the chance to test out your strategy on a genuine issue.

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Note: The specifications listed here match the scoring criteria in the scoring guide. Make sure to at least touch on each point. In order to understand how your work will be evaluated, you are also urged to read the performance-level descriptors for each criterion.

An example of an evaluation To get an idea of what a proficient or higher grade on the scoring guide would entail, use the examples below:

Give specific information on the healthcare issue or problem you choose to use in Assessment 2.
Investigate your chosen subject. You should apply the first four phases to your critical thinking in this situation. This strategy first appeared in Assessment 2.
Determine the issue’s or the problem’s potential causes.
Use scholarly sources to find potential causes for the health care problem or issue and to describe and explain it.
Find at least three academic or scholarly journal papers that have been peer-reviewed on the subject.
Your library guide was useful in identifying the right references.
Use any items you came across while working on Assessment 2, or look through the Capella library for further reading.

  • The relevant Undergraduate Library Research Guide can be useful to you in your quest.
    Analyse the information sources’ reliability.
    Analyse the information sources’ applicability.
    Analyse the issue or problem in healthcare.
    Describe the circumstances surrounding the issue or problem.
    Describe why you find the issue or problem to be important.
    Determine the social groups impacted by the issue or problem.
    Give details to back up your analysis of the issue or situation. 
    Discuss possible remedies for the healthcare issue or problem.
    Describe the steps necessary to put a solution into practice.
    Describe the possible effects of neglecting the issue or situation.
    Give the advantages and disadvantages of one of the options you are recommending.
    If a viable solution was used, describe the ethical principles (beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, and justice).
    Describe the steps required to put the suggested solution into practice.
    Describe the ethical concepts (beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, and justice) that would need to be taken into account if the suggested solution was adopted.
    To bolster your arguments, offer instances from the literature.

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