Nurse Educators

Nursing is an information-intensive profession and nurse educators depend heavily on current information to educate students. The evolution of technology has had a profound impact on the way students learn. Education is being dramatically changed by the Internet and e-Learning Management Systems. Higher education has moved from the delivery of educational content via the classroom to dynamic Web-based interactive systems that integrate voice, video, and text. Nursing education is being reconceptualized by the rapid increase in online instruction. As computer hardware and software become more powerful and sophisticated, the expectation for both students and instructors is that they will have the ability to access, utilize and manage information management systems.
One of the responsibilities of nurse educators and leaders is to develop strategies to integrate information and computer technology into the nursing curriculum. Visit the Sentinel Health DataLabTM and access the various data resources.

Create 5 substantive Discussion Questions for a graduate-level informatics course in the nursing curriculum.Describe strategies to integrate information and computer technology into the nursing curriculum.

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