Nurse Practitioner Role

Follow the instruction below to write the NP Role Paper.

Create a word-processing document, using the Document Formatting Guidelines provided in the Introduction Module.

Write a 6 page paper. Include the following in your paper:

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What is a FNP” and “What is a PMHNP”
Explain licensure requirements for new graduates
Describe eligibility requirements for FNP/PMHNP certification exams
Describe recertification requirements
NONPF Core Competencies
NONPF FNP/PMHNP Competencies
Consensus Model
Role of NP in providing EBP
Role of the NP in providing transitional Care
Impact of the IOM Report on future practice/role of the NP
Role of the NP in clinical resource management and reimbursement
Legal requirements of the NP related to billing and fraud prevention
How QSEN impacts role of NP
Review of literature on NP providing quality, safe, cost-­effective care
Role of the NP related to use of EBP guidelines
Examples of EBP guidelines used to guide care of patients
Role/responsibility of the NP in caring for vulnerable populations and addressing health disparities
Role of the NP using HIT and protecting PHISummary

*It is expected the paper will be submitted in correct 6th edition APA format.


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