Nurse role in facilitating successful pain management

In essay format, discuss the nurse role in facilitating successful pain management within the context of providing care for an acutely injured child, such as that given in the contextual case. Tailor your response to consider the developmental age of the child, such as Bill. In your response, include specific evidence based nursing approaches to manage pain that may be employed during the initial hospital stay timeframe of 12 hours and in the context of discharge planning and educating parents/carers to undertake care of Bill’s pain at home. Support your discussion points by integrating contemporary and relevant research literature.

NB: It is not necessary to discuss nursing pain management strategies for age groups or clinical conditions other than that provided in the contextual case.

Criteria for Assessment:

• Nursing approaches to facilitate systematic and age appropriate pain assessment and intervention are correctly articulated and discussed.
• Nursing approaches to support discharge planning in consultation with parents/carers are correctly articulated and discussed.
• The role of the nurse in pain management is correctly articulated and discussed throughout the essay
• Relevant research literature is integrated to provide support
• Written expression, presentation and referencing are satisfactory.

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