The following subjects are addressed in nursing communication:

1. Describe the patient-clinician communication process’ seven guiding concepts.

2. Describe how you use three of these seven principles while speaking with your own patients.

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3. Speak about the three techniques being utilized to enhance multidisciplinary communication.

4. Decide which one you believe most closely applies to your own field of expertise or the one that your field of expertise now employs, and describe how you use it in detail.

5. Describe the moral standards that can be used to resolve problems with patient-clinician dialogue.

6. Describe the significance of ethics in communication and how effective or ineffective teamwork affects patient safety.

This essay will have three to five pages. You are allowed to utilize the Paget et al. (2011) article as one of your sources, but you also need to have at least one additional peer-reviewed publication from the library.

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