Nursing Evidence Based Practice Research Paper

Topic 5
Checkpoint 4

· Define baseline data collection source(s) (e.g., existing data set, electronic health record), methods, and measures.
· Identify resources (human, fiscal, and other) necessary to complete project.

· Gather outcome measures.

· Write data collection protocol.

· Write the project protocol (data collection fits in this document).

· Finalize any necessary approvals for project implementation and dissemination (e.g., system leadership, unit leadership, IRB).

Topic 6
Checkpoint 5

· Finalize protocol for implementation of evidence.
· Complete final data collection for project evaluation.

· Include specific plan for how the evaluation will take place: who, what, when, where and how, and communication mechanisms to stakeholders.

Topic 7
Checkpoint 6

· Complete proposal.
· Develop proposal presentation.

Topic 8
Checkpoint 7

· Present proposal.
· Review proposals, addressing new questions generated from process of the peer review.


Nursing Evidence Based Practice Research Paper Proposal Format

Use the following format and headings when constructing your final Nursing Evidence Based Practice Research Paper

Title page
Abstract (Minimum of 350 words)
Contains project title, project director’s name, and affiliation.
Presents a complete concise overview of all phases of the proposed project.
Section A: Problem Description
Section B: Literature Support
Section C: Solution Description
Section D: Change Model
Section E: Implementation Plan
Section F: Evaluation
Critical Appraisal Checklists
Evaluation Table
Conceptual Models
Resource List
Proposal Instruments
Data Collection Tool
Approval Forms
Evaluation Tools

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