Nursing Management Skills Inventory

A Nurse Manager plays a very pivotal role in the health facility. Their responsibilities include employing, managing duties and maintaining daily tasks. Their presence is highly needed for hospitals to work fluently. They should possess strong leadership and communication skills. Alongside, they must be well aware of staff needs and able to maintain a balance in the working environment. These bodies lead the unit and empower working fellows to be the first line of defense for their patients. In the reflection of abilities mentioned above, I would sketch my strengths and weaknesses being a nurse leader. This assessment is based on my personal and professional growth and development. It involves taking care of patients by preventing them from infecting diseases, promoting their health and also provides them with psychological support (Srsic-Stoehr, Rogers, Kelly Wolgast, Thomas Chapman & Douglas, 2004).

The era we are in today demands us to stay alert to the growing technological advancements continuously. While I support old facts and theories; I also think that we should keep ourselves updated with new studies. So being fully aware of the fact I will not only continue seeking for more but will lead the flock through these advancements. For this, I not only need my personal self- assessment but proper planning and its implementation. That is why I am always ready to learn something new by spending more time with the patients and supervise through self -evaluation. That’s how I become more reliable among my patients. I also feel need to encourage and mentor my fellow staff nurses and support them.

While ‘The Hippocratic Oath’ has a strong impact not only on my ethical behavior but also helps me to develop honesty and rectitude in my peers. At the same time, I am a person who addresses people with respect and condemns bullying because it is fundamental to fulfill leadership demands actively. Furthermore, discipline is a door to success. Knowing this fact, I considered this as a significant factor in leading day to day tasks. To run a health institution smoothly, the key factor is to balance both patient care and business. This profession demands me to stand for the rights of staff and patient safety. Whatever the circumstances are, the goal for any healthcare professional should be to ensure quality care and advocate dedicated staff for suitable practice environment.

With leadership come the challenges. It is utmost need of an hour to keep you associated with professional development which asks for involvement in different associations. They function to spread awareness and share knowledge and experiences with other health and non- health communities. This lags me behind because it is sometimes hard to cope with networking demands of modern society along with hectic daily routine as a nurse manager. As mentioned above I am always ready to learn. Taking this into consideration, I need to specialize in my field which open doors of infinite knowledge not just for me but also gives me an opportunity to share new techniques and practices with the staff working under my supervision. This helps them to see beyond the limits of what they already the outcomes of efforts and learning change have the face of a health facility.

Up till now, I have identified my personal and professional skills needed to be a leader. But to implement this, I have to plan first. Planning requires defining my job role which puts me into hiring highly qualified nurses, evaluation of performances, providing necessary feedback, coaching and maintaining the budget. For all this, I need to make and follow a proper strategy. That I think is something which is my key strength because I always keep up a five-year plan. This also allows me to dictate my path in nursing and will allow me to perform efficiently at my workplace. And position me at higher ranks both in knowledge and grade in future. I think this is something which is missing in the current level of practice in many professionals where people keep on jumping for new opportunities. That not only limits their professional skills but disturbs the workplace and main goal which is patient care (“Competencies Assessment | AONE”, 2018).

The dual role of nurse manager makes them stay balanced no matter how many challenges they have to face. Leadership styles and skills reveal four basic practices (visionary, coaching, affiliate, democratic) to be important out of six. So my ultimate goal is implementing those styles that assure dedication to healthcare services. It involves active learning that takes the small group, works on real problems, takes action and learns as individuals and as a team. It helps in creative and flexible decisions to lessen the problems (CASIDA & PARKER, 2011).

Keeping a set of guidelines aids in reflective practice which aspires a person to lead. Following are some leadership qualities I am looking forward to developing in my practice.

• Commitment to purpose
• Measuring services, quality, and finance
• Creating the positive work culture
• Build leaders
• Employee satisfaction
• Individual accountability approach using SWOT approach
• Set behavior standards with goals and values
• Communication
• Recognition


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