Nursing Medical sociology

Nursing;Medical sociology

Order Instructions:

Final Project. A maximum eight (8) page final paper/report shall be turned in by each group spokespersons. Use of charts and tables are strongly encouraged in the appendix and not in the body of the paper/report. Please keep in mind a source (citation and reference) is required on each table/chart used. All sentences with quotes or numbers need citations with page numbers. Groups are free to use the text book as a source but should not rely on the text book exclusively. The text book is merely a good starting point for additional ideas and resources.

Topic: 1st Amendments provides freedom of religion. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It is actually quite different in this case because “the courts have noticed that some beliefs may simply be too crazy to qualify for protection (Morrison E, p132).”

The textbook reference is below:

Morrison, E. (2014). Health care ethics: Critical issues for the 21st century (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Each paper shall include the following format. These 6 sections are required to be in the paper submitted or points will be deducted: (1) Title page (including Group#, member names and student ID’#s); (2) Introduction (introducing the chapter issue in globally then nationally); (3) Methods (what sources were used to secure the information used in the paper (i.e., Pub Med, Medline, etc., – do not use internet sites without advance authorization by faculty unless they are government, educational or organizations); (4) Results (this is where you state your findings on the chapter issue both pro and con); (5) Discussion (this is where you explain the ethical implications of your findings/results); (6) Conclusions & Recommendations (this is where your group can chose a position, advocate a middle ground, or deem more research is necessary at this time.
APA Style in-text citations are required in sections 2, 4 and 5 at a minimum!

Data and Sources. All data (facts and figures/statistics) shall be cited and referenced appropriately. References and in text citations shall use APA Style format. All writing shall be by the students. No cutting and pasting of text from any source is allowed. That constitutes plagiarism. For those students that need help with proper APA in text citation and references, please see the following link: Additional APA Style links and documents will be posted on the Class online site. Also, see – this source is available free to FIU students and will assist you in formatting references properly in APA and other formats.
Grading Rubric: In order to receive full points the group final submission shall: (1) Contain the 6 required section titles with the appropriate substantive information in each section (2) make sure to cite and reference sources for sentence, statement, statistic and quote used in the paper (3) the narrative shall be in the students own words (4) the paper shall be clear and concise while making sure that each section content requirement has been fully addressed (5) Include proper APA Style in text citation(s) to the text book, articles and other sources used (6) include proper APA references for citations used – at the end of the paper.

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