Nursing paper acute respiratoray failure

nursing paper acute respiratoray failure
Pathophysiological Discussion on: Acute respiratory failure, please look a the sample document I attached as well it will help to get a better understanding,a 1 page 1/2 please read all help information on the chart to help with paper.MUST CITE INFORMATION THANKS:)

 In one to two paragraphs, summarize the current physical disease process, surgical procedure, or mental health alteration that applies to your patient. Discuss in your own words.
 Explain why this patient is encountering this particular health deficit, if applicable.
 Describe the relationship of this current health alteration or situation to co-morbid medical conditions.
 Identify common complications that may occur with the alterations or treatment modalities.
 Discuss is the patient’s overall prognosis.
 Include appropriate references and use APA format.

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