Nursing Paper on Medication

Nursing Paper on Medication Advertisement Analysis


There is the need to conduct advertisement for the products used during surgery. Patients also need to make an informed decision on the best practices and instrument used in their treatment and possess informed information on the benefits as well as risks such instruments may pose to their life. Therefore, it calls for an internet advertisement such as the da Vinci Surgery Community portal that highlights the procedures as well as the systems used to render cancerous treatment.

Generic Name – da Vinci

Trade Name – da Vinci Surgical System

Company Name – Robotic Prostatectomy

Indications For Drug Usage

The Robotic Prostatectomy is one of the surgical instruments used to remove a cancerous prostate. It therefore calls for direct-to-consume (DTC) promotions of these surgical devices through internet marketing such as da Vinci System website. The advertisement aims at providing comprehensive information to patients for them to make critical decisions during or when seeking medication. The use of robotic prostatectomy is highly preferred since it is associated with less blood loss as well as patients do not stay longer in hospitals.

Important Safety Information

For purposes of safety, the system should be under the control of a surgeon (a specialist with the knowledge of the system’s operation), and conduct safety checks of its functionality to prevent any independent movement of the instrument that would pose a risk to the patient.

Side Effects

It is evident that all surgery conducted by doctors’ present various risks including da Vinci surgery, which can lead to the death of the patient (Mirkin et al. 762). The effects related to nerve injury or temporary pain often is experienced during surgery process. Patients who bleed easily and experience blood clotting should discuss with their doctors prior and agree on the best system to be used that will help minimize the adverse effects.

Marketing Standpoint

People are using internet platforms to gather information on various subjects. Thus, the use of da Vinci surgery website enables the advertisement to reach as many people as possible. The information provided will enables patient to choose when and how they access medication. Thus, the campaign ad will be effective and reach to a wider audience unlike using other forms of advertisement like print media.

The Effectiveness Of The Advertisement Campaign From A Marketing Standpoint

Most of the health organizations adopt the use of media advertisement campaign to market the available medical equipment that is used to treat different types of cancer. Both adults and youths addicted to smoking are prone to malignant diseases and through the media advertisement campaign, some programs that are aired can change individual’s perception of smoking and to quit smoking. Such strategies are cost-effective and act as avenues to reach people across the globe.

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