Observation paper

2000 word essay. This essay suppose to be made seem realistic. You have to write a story about what you are observing with your own eyes. You can pretend, (technically speaking is true) that you went to nicaragua and all you saw was despair, poverty, war between each other, and darkness. Say all the things you’ve seen, the people getting killed, robbed, gangs, and even the government killing our people. Make it so real, that it feels like you are in a horror story. No holding back, you can curse, write different stories within of different things you seen. YOU CAN ALSO write about GOOD things as well you seen people helping each other out. Talk about how its a sad and great place at the same time. Also, at the end of your story telling, say “it’s my father hometown, where he grew up and was made the man he was before his passing of December 31st(this is true). PLEASE write it with pain and agony and happiness. Make it your own as mine.

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