Olympic Host City Proposal Assignment

Olympic Host City Proposal Assignment

The following are requirements for the host city for the Olympics.

1) The city must prove that it is big enough to handle the Olympics.

2) The city needs to convince residents that the expenses of covering the Olympics (which may be covered by raising taxes) are worth it in city improvement and new jobs.

3) The cities needs to maintain a highly positive media exposure to carry the games.

The city then is a Candidate City

Bid committees must pay an application fee of $150,000 (meant to discourage people who are not committed)

Voted on by the IOC.

Knowing all of this, create a proposal for a city to host for 2025 Olympic Games.

The following are areas that you can include in your research:

-Current facilities

-Where certain sports will be played (they all won’t go in the same facility)

-Security groups that would be involved

-Tourist areas for tourists to visit

-Cost of what it takes to host the Olympics (and if your chosen city can afford it)

-Capacity for tourists, entertainment (hotels to hold tourists)

-Have they ever hosted in the past

-Different organizations in the city that would need to be involved

-Crime rate/economic status of the city

-Does the city have a positive image?

-Does the city have space for building new infrastructure?

-Any other information that you think is valuable for your proposal


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