One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

This is a novel that was written in 1959 by Ken Kessey. It was used as a study of the human psychology. Later, in 1963 it was converted to a film.
According to kessey (001), this play has several themes .first there is the theme of insanity. Though most of the people in this play are portrayed as being of poor health mentally, it is evident that it’s hard to distinguish between those who are normal and the mentally ill. Another theme that comes out openly in this play is that of tat of freedom versus detention. Most of the patients in this play have the freedom of choice to go to the institutions while some other individuals like the protagonists are confined to the institution. The aspect of manipulation can also be seen in this play .this is where the nurse in charge instills the fear and desire for them to submit to her authority. She is uses this method to the other people working with her. Consequently the patients are under some rules and regulations that guide them in their stay at the institution. Lastly, there is the aspect of rebellion. This is evidenced by the fact that mcMurphy goes against the rules laid down by the institution.

Point of view
Point of view according to, the story is based upon the people he met during the time of his career at the mental hospital in Menlo Park. At the time he wrote the book he was in the ward for the mentally challenged .the broad meaning of this book is to portray the way things were in the institutions for the mentally handicapped in those days .he is trying to portray how people are always pushing for their own gains .he is of the point of view that there are controversies and myths that surround the story behind human existence. He presents a situation where humans have the tough task of choosing between being secure and to walk in a free world.
According to Rodger E (001), McMurphy, was somebody who is not into finding the meaning of psychological. He is a person who enjoys being with other people regardless of their status ailments. He is portrayed as direct opposite of the in charge who is out to establish and stamp her authority over the other people. he is displayed as person who is always rebelling against the administration. This shows that for change to occur any where there should be someone who will be brave enough to face the administration. This story aims at ensuring that it displays the ills that occur in the society especially in the correctional facilities. Mc Murphy aims at ensuring that the ills of the administration are dealt with by associating himself with other patients’ that Tom understands their problems better.

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