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(e.g., who they are, how they got started, what the key issues are today). Given the amount of time you have, you will not read from your research paper.
i need 
different between D and d 
popular person successes in his life while he is deaf 
what the people think about them! 
who they feel about left out when people talk
and the important point and by final presentation 
should the  audience know about read lips, facial expression and sign language
See how this new fit with my presentation
 that she evaluate us about:
Clear, coherent overview of subculture                                                                                                                             Y                                  N        ____/10
Presents material logically                                                                                                                                       Y                                  N        ____/10
Adequately addresses contemporary issues                                                                                               Y                                  N        ____/10
Adequately addresses all aspects of prompt:  who, what, where, when, why, how          Y                                  N        ____/10
Discusses merit of subculture/its place in the larger society                                                           Y                                  N        ____/10
Presents essential information and analysis                                                                                               Y                                  N        ____/10
Evaluates and critiques the issues surrounding the subculture                                                                       Y                                  N        ____/10
Provides adequate/thoughtful responses to questions                 
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