Topic: The Future of Supply Chain Management.
For this assignment, you must think about the future of supply chain operations, considering
current technological and political trends toward globalization as well as recent worldwide
coronavirus outbreak. You must research current trends and summarize your research as a
report. The general structure of the report could be as follows:
1. An introductory section about global supply chain operations which have formed since
2. A description on current technological and political trends toward globalization and potential
impacts on global supply chain.
3. A description on the challenges for companies in North America in dealing with the changes
being described above.
4. A description on what operations management should prepare for the changes being
described above.
5. Conclusion.
To write the report you will need to cover at least the following:
1. Your report must adhere to APA formatting.
2. Other than APA formatting, the structure for the paper is not fixed, if there is a logical flow of
ideas. The length of the paper is not an issue, but preferably in range of 10 to 15 pages.
3. You must research at least 5 recent (i.e., less than 10 years) peer-reviewed articles.
Exceptionally, highly regarded industry sources (e.g., Harvard Business Review, IBM, SAP,
McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini) will be accepted

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