Oral presentation-schizophrenia | Psychology homework help

Oral presentation content by topic:
1. Make a detailed summary where you define the disorders within the spectrum of Schizophrenia, their diagnostic criteria, specifiers and differential diagnoses.
2. Describe the prevalence, development and course
3. Risk factors
4. Cultural considerations
5. Present examples of situations / cases in relation to the assigned disorder
6. Present physical conditions associated with the disorder
7. Medications and clinical intervention models that have shown effectiveness
8. Look for articles or professional mental health journals (minimum 2 articles) that talk about these disorders and report relevant information for Clinical Social Work.
The content must also be available in power point (more than 10 slides) for oral presentation.
1. Must use DSM V, textbooks
2. The professional articles must be in this time frame 2015 to 2021.
3. They can use additional resources to support their presentation (videos, role play, cases to discuss)
4. The presentation time should not be less than 50 min per presentation.



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