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Order information is a critical part of business that requires close observations if business is to make any progress or make any changes to failing plans and strategies. Order information also determines what marketing strategies work and what do not work. With order information, a firm is also in a position to know what areas demand most products and where to focus attention on. This paper is a write-up based on order information collected by a business organization after making sales in several countries in Europe and America. The information gathered will be used to analyze the situation of the firm and make recommendations that are supported by the data A from that the paper will look at the current trend and what products are better of eliminated based on the sale recorded for the item something else that is worth observation is the forecast of what may happen to the company in future based on the current data provided the order information

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Several products in the sheet show good performance for the company based on the sales made by the company, others unfortunately, indicate that there is something that is a cause to worry and needs addressing as soon as possible otherwise the company may be running into loses, Grains, for example, do not move as much as it is appropriate. They do not bring in much profit also, which brings about a question or whether it is even appropriate to continue selling them.
The observation make in the sheet indicates that the sales for the company have been on an increase lately. For example, the company shipped to thrice in France in July 4 2011 and twice to France the following dates. What is even more interesting to note is that the company was not able to ship for the next few days. After it continued shipping, however, there were recorded increase in shipments to newer markets such Switzerland, Brazil, and Belgium. Such important observations show that there is progress. Something else is a good observation is that the business organization has seen an increase in the number of countries in the recent past.

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The company had not started in shipping to countries such as Italy, Spain, Ireland. Austria, and Denmark well until almost a year had passed. Shipping to more international markets indicates that the firm is doing well financially and has enough profits to use to venture into more markets around the globe. This is an interesting observation in that the firm looks at going global and remaining in a local market. One of the most known advantages or going global is that the firm is less likely to be affected by the politics of a given region and the sales of the products may not be jeopardized entirely.

((((a chart needed, any types of chart, lines chart, Pie or doughnut chart. ..etc. explaining all the details below)))Something else that one notes form observing the data is that the company has diversified in its catalogue In this regard there are more products that the company deals with which increases their chances making sales even when there is a low demand for a particular product. For example, the company deals with cereals, meat/poultry, seafood, beverages produces and condiments. This is proper diversification and rids off the company the possibility of running into losses without such levels of diversification. Company may be risking losing a given market to competitors and sales of the product will be affected adversely.
From observing the data, however, it is advisable that the company focuses its efforts on several market and sells just a few products instead of too many even when they do not generate as much revenue.
USA is one of the companies that have indicated a good market for the company to sell its products. What makes this particular market even more interesting is that it does by single product but a plethora of the products In this case, the company should think of marketing most of is products in the United States, as there seems to be many opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, there is one quite disturbing piece of information that indicates that the company may not make any profits after all. The unit price of the commodities the U.S. buys is quite high but the quality is low. This means that there would be small shipments to the US, although they bring in more money. The products they buy most, also are seafood that does not attract as much profits as confection that are bought by countries such as Belgium.
As had been mentioned earlier, the sale of an overabundance of products is important. However, it is more important to ensure that they are bought in bulk so the company does not have to process so many products that do not bring much money at the end of the day
Such observation requires that the company consider a different approach to its sale of products. This particular company may look at focusing operations on production of commodities that bring in more money. In this case, they may need to book at beverages, meat, and produce. The countries that are buying these products the most and in fact those that the company should focus most on are Brazil, Germany, and Belgium.

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