Organisation Development

Choose an organizational issue or problem in your agency. Write a reflective think piece describing the issue or problem and suggesting possible solutions. Feel free to choose an issue that will assist you in the preliminary stages of your MPA Capstone Project. Here are some questions that might help you structure your thinking:What is the exact nature of this issue?Why is this issue or problem important?What are the key factors that are involved in this issue or problem?What are some possible solutions to the issue or problem?Why did you choose the alternative you feel best solves the issue or problem?How can you apply the concepts learned in this course to the issue or problem?YOUR NAME SHOULD APPEAR ON THE COVER PAGE ONLY AND SHOULD NOT APPEAR ON ANY OTHER PAGESee Appendix C for the criteria for the evaluation for the seminar paper.APPLY FOR THIS CASEReason: I have access to the required materials and/or softwareMESSAGES 0

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