Organizational Analysis/ “Case Study” / Best Laid Incentive Plans


Case: Organizational Analysis for Best Laid Incentive Plans: The CMM Bolman & Deal Approach

Identify the current scenario and the CMM-level analysis in the introduction (1 page). I advise you to begin, for instance, with the following:

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Having recently emerged from a recession, Rainbarrel Products is a diverse consumer durables company.

slower than its contemporaries. Under the direction of the company’s COO, Hiram

Phillips has made a number of changes over the past year, with varying degrees of success. (Continue

with your presentation of Rainbarrel’s current condition.)

Explain your thoughts on the CMM level of the company. Add some “claim and support for” language.

Your position.)

Structure (1 page): Analysis/Discussion
Describe this situation in relation to the structural framework in this section.
Discuss the programs, policies, procedures, measurements, and other elements of the organization.
Report the facts of the case (who, what, when, and where), focusing primarily on the structural adjustments made in accordance with the facts of the case.
Use just structural techniques to analyze what is working and what is not. Customer service response time increased from x to x, for example.
Determine the problems that require solutions.

Political/Symbolic H.R. Frame (2 pages)
Analysis and Discussion
Use this part to discuss the case in terms of the causes of the structural changes and their impact on the HR, political, and symbolic frames.

By determining the cause-and-effect relationship between the structural changes and the element under discussion, you can report (who, what, when, and where) and analyze (what is working or not working and why or why not) the information. Although references are not necessary, management philosophy should be included to some extent.
The following components must be included:
The organizational “humanness” is addressed by the HR framework, which also includes the course content on organizational behavior.
Political Frame: Examines how this organization manages scarcity (of resources, budgets, and facilities) through agenda-setting, coalition-building, decision-making, dispute resolution, and political acumen, as well as political terrain mapping and networking.
Addresses the cultural presumptions and components of the organization, including its culture, myths, vision, values, rituals, and ceremonies.

Determine the problems that require solutions.

One page of recommendations
Determine recommendations based on the organizational analysis’s list of uncovered problems in the format shown below:
1. Issue (with a root cause identified)
2. Recommendations for a solution
3. Advantages (add CMM theory here)

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