Organizational Change Chart

Organizational Information

Select an organization that needed a change to its culture as you complete the organizational change information chart.

For each type of information listed in the first column, include details about the organization in the second column.

Indicate your suggested actions for improvement in the third column.

Type Details Suggested Actions for Improvement
Vision Insert the organizationā€™s vision.  
Mission Insert the organizationā€™s mission.  
Purpose Insert the organizationā€™s purpose.  
Values Insert a list of the organizationā€™s values.  
Diversity and Equity Insert the types of the diversity and equity observed in the organization.  
Inclusion Insert examples of overall involvement of diverse groups inclusion in decision-making and process change.  
Goal Identify the goal set for organizational change.  
Strategy Identify the implementation strategies followed to implement the organizational change.  
Communication Identify the communication methods used to communicate organizational change and the change progress.  

Organizational Perceptions

Considering the same organizational culture and change goal, rate your agreement from 1 to 5 in the second column with the statement in the first column. Use the following scale:

1. Strongly disagree

2. Somewhat disagree

3. Neither agree nor disagree

4. Somewhat agree

5. Strongly agree

Statement Rating (1 ā€“ 5)
Employees know the organizationā€™s vision.  
Employees know the organizationā€™s mission.  
Employees know the organizationā€™s purpose.  
Employees know the organizationā€™s values.  
Overall, the organization is diverse and equitable.  
Diverse groups are included in decision making and processes for change.  
The change goal was successfully met.  
The implementation strategies were effective.  
The organizationā€™s communication about the change was effective.  


Kotter’s 8-Steps to Change

Consider the goal for organizational change that you identified and the existing organizational culture.

For each of Kotter’s 8-Steps to Change listed in the first column, rate whether you observed that step during the implementation process in the second column. Use the following scale to rate your observation:

1. Never observed

2. Rarely observed

3. Sometimes observed

4. Often observed

Identify actions you suggest for improvement in the third column.

Step Name Rating (1 ā€“ 4) Suggested Actions for Improvement
Step 1: Create Urgency.    
Step 2: Form a Powerful Coalition.    
Step 3: Create a Vision forĀ Change.    
Step 4: Communicate the Vision.    
Step 5: Remove Obstacles.    
Step 6: Create Short-Term Wins.    
Step 7: Build on the Change.    
Step 8: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture.

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