Organizational Theory and Nursing Delivery Systems

Organizational Theory and Nursing Delivery Systems
Your group will create a PowerPoint presentation about a leadership concept that is discussed in this course. This week’s concepts are Organizational Theory and Nursing Delivery Systems, Policy Development, and Managing Change. Your group will select a scenario that you will use in formulating your PowerPoints.

Week 4 Topics: Due on Tuesday of Week 4
Organizational Theory and Nursing Delivery Systems: Your group is in charge of designing a small, rural, nurse-run clinic. (1) Name the clinic and write a mission statement. (2) Identify the organizational theory that will guide the clinic and describe the characteristics of the theory that make it best suitable for the clinic. How is the clinic structured? How are decisions made? (3) Choose a nursing delivery system and describe the rationale for the choice. (4) Describe any particular aspects of organizational culture that should be incorporated into the clinic and how it would be accomplished

Policy Development: Choose a topic from Box 2-1 on page 31 (The Changing Health Care Environment: Critical Issues) of your Finkelman textbook and investigate the issue. (1) Present background information and (2) current policy initiatives regarding the critical issue that relate to the delivery of healthcare. (3) Identify future legislation and (4) develop a plan to get involved in policy development.

Managing Change: Patient satisfaction has been low on your medical-surgical unit, for which you are the manager. When this is reported in a staff meeting, a new RN on the unit reported that hourly rounding has been identified in the nursing literature as a way to improve patient satisfaction. Some members of the nursing staff are willing to implement anything to improve patient satisfaction, as salary bonuses are tied to the unit satisfaction scores. Other staff members feel that this new nurse is pushy and are not willing to implement any suggestion she makes for improvement. The unit has been understaffed for a couple of months and the nurses are feeling overwhelmed by the workload. Using Lewin’s Force Field Model of Change, (1) identify the driving and restraining forces for this change and (2) apply the three stages to implement change to hourly rounding. (3) Describe the role of the change agent and (4) how to manage resistance to change.

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