Transformation of the organization
Order: You are required to prepare a report based on your study of a problem involving organizational development at your place of employment or in a company you are familiar with. The analysis should consider the justifications for the change as well as the elements that have influenced its implementation and development. Relevant theories should support the analysis. Include a section on process reflection, a discussion, and an evaluation of the methodologies employed, as well as potential substitutes and suggestions.

Format: Executive Summary; Introduction; Chapter 1
Define Organization Development
Explain Org Transformation
introduce the selected business
1.1 Business Overview
1.2 Issue causing you to look at this organization
Who benefits from the paper’s rationale or justification, and what results do you hope to achieve at its conclusion?
1.5 Methodology (2 sentences)
1.6 Report overview and organizational structure: CHAPTER 2 DIAGNOSIS
Define diagnosis 2.0
Comparing and contrasting three diagnostic models
Apply these principles to the organization that is being diagnosed.
Recommend an intervention plan based on the diagnosis in Chapter 3 Intervention.
3.0 Describe intervention.
3.1 There are four different types of interventions; choose the one that best addresses the issues identified in the diagnostic. Joint planning to reduce resistance and improve teamwork for execution (action planning)
3.2 Change management tactics (Hard and Soft Approaches; Kotter)
3.3 The actual intervention process is implementation. The transformational leader position in the process of managing change, the problem of power, and stakeholder analysis
• Methods for handling change resistance; • Chapter 4 Concluding Recommendations
4.0 Finality: List goals and conclude the chapter 1 goals that were illustrated (demonstrate alignment). You can use the theories and models that were previously illustrated to help you achieve your goals.

4.1 Recommendations: Always include a deadline, use a SMART strategy, and specify which identified gaps the recommendations would address.

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