Oriented Culture and Organizational Health

Team-Oriented Culture and Organizational Health
Please provide a theoretical analysis – insight based on evidence. Please provide academic evidence to better support your points and thus your overall position. Please identify and illustrate the point very quickly in the assignment, so you then can use the supporting data, points and insight, to support the position an overall premise of your effort.

Ellard Williams, Incorporated, is a manufacturing firm founded in 1987 and based in the New England area of the United States. Almost 11,300 employees work for Ellard Williams, generating sales in excess of $200 million annually over the past 10 years while profits exceeded $15 million annually in seven of those years.
Over the past three years, however, a series of organizational mistakes, blunders, and mismanagement has affected the profitability of Ellard Williams. A recently completed strategic analysis indicates growth will slow, profits will fall, employee turnover will remain at higher than appropriate levels, and employee compensation will lag further behind the industry average. Employee motivation, performance and productivity has been identified as a critical deficiency within the organization, resulting in production delays, high defect rates in production, and management/employee confrontations that have been encouraged by three of the four labor unions representing almost 80 percent of Ellard Williams employees.
The strategic analysis indicated there were serious concerns about the competency and effectiveness of the 67-member human resource department. Labor management relations are strained, compensation practices change frequently and are seen to favor upper management, harassment and discrimination complaints have doubled over the past four years, performance appraisals are not completed, and the organizational culture stymies innovation and ingenuity. Consequently, management has lost confidence in the ability of human resources to be a strategic resource within the organization.
You are the founder of a respected human resource consulting firm. You have been contacted by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ellard Williams, Inc. who is requesting that your firm consider providing assistance and guidance to Ellard Williams in the following areas:

Capstone Assignment:

Team-Oriented Culture and Organizational Health (70 Points)
For this Capstone assignment, you will determine the strategies human resources can utilize to create a team-oriented and engaged workforce that lowers turnover and raises creativity. For a review of the Capstone project and scenario, see the Module 8 folder.
At Ellard Williams, turnover is up, teamwork is splintered and productivity is down. There are continual and escalating frictions between employees and – in general – delays are becoming common when departments are working together on even the simplest tasks. The team-oriented approach to problem solving and goal attainment has morphed into a “me-first” attitude among employees, including those employees in management.
Develop a well-written paper that addresses the following.
• Propose specific strategies a human resources professional can enact to create a more team-oriented, collaborative culture in the organization
• Propose specific tools or tests a human resource professional can utilize that will assess the health of the organization or highlight potential negative issues within an organization. By doing so, human resources can more proactively address a situation before its effects the team-oriented culture of the organization, which then affects organizational productivity.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:
• Be 3-4 pages in length
• Include at least two different scholarly sources not utilized previously
• Be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

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