Original Post and Reply Post for Unit on Epidemiology

Original Post:
Visit one of the websites listed on the home page of Unit 2 (also listed under this unit’s “Additional Resources”. ) Preview reports that address recent (within the last five years) epidemiological investigations, issues, or concerns. Choose one topic and research it further using the library data base (newspapers, journal articles, etc.) Then summarize your chosen article and additional findings into 3-5 paragraphs and post as a discussion board. Think of the epidemiological triangle as you write. Try to include the background, predisposing factors, barriers to interventions, and other epidemiological “players” in your summary.
After completing your reading, and viewing the Powerpoints, check out these links
as you need to be familiar with them as a public/community health nurse.
• CDC http://www.cdc.gov
• Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/
• FL Department of Health http://www.doh.state.fl.us/ Click on epidemiology and Diseases & Conditions.
In addition:
The mission of an epidemiologist is to break at least one of the sides of the Triangle,
disrupting the connection between the environment, the host, and the agent, and
stopping the continuation of disease. For examples of epidemiologists at work, see the
BAM! site at www.bam.gov/sub_diseases/diseases_detectives.html,
www.bam.gov/sub_diseases/diseases_wnv.html, and

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