Overview of a Supreme Court Case

Below is the picture of the assignemnt. It says 8-10 pages double spaced but allowed to be 7.

For your research paper, please select a U.S. Supreme Court decision (from the alternatives below) and conduct a thorough analysis of the decision. In doing so, please discuss where the case originated and track its development through the lower courts to the U.S. Supreme Court (procedural history). Identify and discuss the issue(s) presented in the case and the court’s ruling on these issues (holding). Likewise, offer a lengthy analysis of the Court’s reasoning/rationale for this ruling (and dissenting opinions, if any) – paying particular attention to the influence of public policy (or public opinion). Lastly, and arguably most important, analyze the social or political ramifications of the Court’s decision. In other words, does the case matter?

Please select one of the case alternatives below. Firearms at home for self-defense

District of Columbia v. Heller, 2008

Affirmative Action (race conscious) in college admissions

Fischer v. University of Texas at Austin, 2016

Social Media and Free Speech (Criminal)

Elonis v. United States, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage is legalized across the 50 states

Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015


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