Overview of workplace hazards in construction

Please review all lecture materials, specially the topics I mention every “Last Session Review” and “Session Summary”. Study extra well the following documents:

“Federal Environmental Requirements for Construction” document by EPA

“Overview of workplace hazards in construction” lecture slides Specifically, also study the following:

Environmental permits in construction: CAA, AHERA, Endangered Species Act, NHPA, etc.

OSHA construction standards

Occupational exposures in construction

Risk vs hazard

Health and safety hazards: types, outcome

Identifying examples of specific hazards under each hazard type for a scenario (done during the 1st lab activity)

Adverse effects of specific hazards discussed

Physical hazards: types, health effects, workers at risk, noise exposure limit

Chemical hazards: forms, sources in construction, acute vs chronic, routes of entry, MSDS

Asbestos: hazardous form, use, diseases, removal

Carbon monoxide: mechanism of health effect

Biohazards: diseases, workers at risk

Ergonomics: definition; ergo hazards: risk factors, health effects, control strategies

Safety hazards, fatal injuries in construction

Hazardous waste: examples, PCB sources.

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