paper of minmum 250 words for my Learning Seminar Class

Logical Arguments

It is very important for people to know and understand the events that are happening across the globe. Thus, you are required to write about a current event for this class. This assignment is designed to have you read an article from a newspaper or magazine and to analyze that article. You are to number the order of the following criteria in your assignment (i.e. actually label it, 1, 2, 3, etc…):

  1. Topic – What is the topic of your article?
  2. Title – What is the title of the article? Exact wording
  3. Source – Where did you find this article?
  4. Summary – Briefly, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, summarize the content of the article. (3-5 sentences)
  5. Reaction – Take a position on the issue contained in this article. How do you feel about this event? (5-7 sentences) FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES OF A LOGICAL ARGUMENT!
  6. Impact – How does this event affect you?  How does this impact the local community, city, state, country, or globe? (3-5 sentences)

Cut out, print, or copy the article and attach it with YOUR written thoughts.

This is not a critique of whether the article is good or bad. This assignment is a reasoned opinion of the issue presented and to get you to explore your attitudes/thoughts/beliefs on various topics in the current world. You opinions are not cast in stone, nor need they be, but you should make a commitment on the issue. You opinion should be thought our using present information and your personal views.

Be prepared to discuss your article and position during the next class period.

Principles of a Logical Argument

First you must make a claim. This can be anything based on the article which you have reviewed.

Example: Texting and driving is dangerous

Reasons: This answers the question, ‘why?’ You will provide reasons to why you have the position you claimed.

Example:  Texting and driving is dangerous because it impairs the drivers reaction time leading to increased number of accidents.

Evidence: This provides the support. You have made claim and provided a reason for your position, now you must provide evidence to back up your claim.

Example: Driver reaction time with someone on a phone is decreased by X. ODOT claims that when you reaction time is decreased by X, you are Y% more likely to get into an accident.

250 Word MINIMUM

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