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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.
I work in corrections and the prison that I work at houses the sickest and the oldest in the state, it is basically a geriatric prison. We are like this because we are a single level facility with a dialysis center inside. Deaths fluctuate at the facility, we can go many months without a death to just recently having 4 in one month. I don’t know why but being around the body is what makes me still uncomfortable to this day. When we have a patient on hospice and passes and we have to listen for heart sounds, being that close makes me uncomfortable. This just happened this week and I was in the with the same orderly the last time I had to do this, and I had made the comment to him that this doesn’t get any easier, he agreed. For me though death is a part of life that happens, and you will never know when it will happen. This may be different for those who have been diagnosed with something terminal and may have an actual perimeter. But for me death has always been a part of life.

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