Parenting styles in canada

Parenting styles in canada
This is the approximate requirements for the assignment:

Part One:
You must come up with a research question (an original question you have created). This is the guiding light of your report; everything you write should connect back to this question. For example:

What are the long term effects of divorce on the emotional development of children?

Below are some suggestions for research topics. There are many, many more options out there. This list is simply provided to give you ideas.

Topic Ideas

The impact of technology on individuals and family;
Teenage suicides;
Alcohol and drug use among adolescents;
Parenting styles;
The impact of social networking sites on intimate relationships;
The effect of economic downturns on children, parents, and the elderly;
The effect of changes in divorce legislation on individuals and families.
Submit a 1-2 page introduction to your research. The purpose of this introduction is to provide insight into the direction you are hoping to take. Your introduction must connect to families in Canada and you must outline the concerns you have about researching this topic, what you hope to learn by researching this topic, and areas of discussion that you will address in your paper.

In addition to the above components, you must submit a Key Concept Map. This graphic organizer is designed to help you identify key concepts related to your selected topic. I have included a graphic organizer below which you are welcome to use, but feel free to design one that meets your unique learning needs! The Key Concept Map may be completed using point-form notes.

Part Two:
Submit a 3-4 page literature review.

When you are conducting your literature review, you should try to choose at least one from each type of source listed below:

Professional/sociological journals:
Journal of Marriage and Family
Journal of Family Issues

Research-Based Periodicals:
Psychology Today

Audio-Visual Sources:

Statistical or Government Publications:
Canadian Social Trends

Reliable Newspaper and Magazine Sources:
Globe and Mail
As part of your literature review, submit an alphabetical list of initial resources that you have found that reflect the various perspectives on your research topic (you must have 10-15 in total). List your sources according to the APA guide. For each of your sources, provide a concise summary (one paragraph only) of the source as well as an explanation of its value or relevance (e.g. why the source may be of good use to you for your research paper.)

Part Three:
Part two of this assignment was an exploration of initial resources and an evaluation of their relevance to your final paper. Part three is a more in-depth analysis of the methods you will use to gather information. Are your sources accurate, relevant, and reliable?

In addition to reporting on someone else’s primary research, you are required to conduct primary research of your own. In this part of the assignment you will consider which type of primary research you will be using to gather information (i.e., interviews, observations, surveys and questionnaires)?

From what sources will the remainder of your research come from? Original research published in peer reviewed journals, census data, original documents in print or other media such as film, or textbooks, book reviews, literature reviews, magazine or newspaper articles?

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