Part 1. Access TEDEd. Take some time to peruse through the menu of lessons and provide us with your impressions. The following serves to prompt your response as opposed to a required “list”

How does TEDEd’s curriculum encourage student engagement

Part 1: Log on to TEDEd. Spend some time browsing the list of lessons, then let us know what you think. Instead of a “list” that is necessary, the following should act as a prompt for your response:

How does TEDEd’s curriculum encourage student engagement? What are some strategies for inspiring kids to reflect on what they are learning? How are learning outcomes evaluated by teachers and students using these styles of instruction? You can fit a TEDEd lesson into a standard 50–70 minute class time in one of two ways. How on earth could you give it to me? How might students get access to it? When addressing this, take a look at the NETS-S specifications. Tell us about a specific lesson you studied and what you learned from it.

Part 2: Integrating Rubrics with Goal-Setting and Student Self-Assessment The Brookhart text’s chapters 9 and 10 provide teaching methods for preparing students for assessment requirements and goal-setting. Explain how these techniques help both the teacher’s capacity to assess FOR learning and the integration of many levels of thinking for students, using this knowledge with what you gained from watching the “Be Sure To” video clip.

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