Part 1 yearly, students are invited to membership in the honor

Part 1
Yearly, students are invited to membership in the honor society for your major if their class rank is at least in the 90thpercentile for all students in that major. In 2019 you ranked 30 out of 128 students in your major. 
a. Will you be invited to membership?
 b.  If you had the data on the cumulative gpa of each member of the honor society at the end of the spring semester in 2019, which measure of average would be the most meaningful –mean, median, mode? Explain.
Part 2
A jury pool consists of 9 men and 11 women. The jury will be made up of 12 jurors. 
a. If one person from among 6 court officers (3 women and 3 men) is chosen at random from to draw the names out of a hat, what is the probability that the court officer chosen to draw the names is a man?
  b. How many ways can the jury be formed if there are no restrictions on composition?
c. How many ways can 8 women be chosen?
  d. How many ways can 4 men be chosen?
e . What is the probability that the random selection of the jury will result in 8 women and 4 men?



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