Part I The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Patricia Bendiger of Tellabine Company

Part I
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Patricia Bendiger of Tellabine Company in Denver, Colorado is asking for your advice. The CFO explains sales are increasing but there is a constant matter of not having enough cash to meet payroll or pay vendors within 30 days.
Checklist: Prepare a business letter to the CFO:
1. Explain why cash can go down even when sales are up; refer to “receivables.”
2. Analyze the scenario and explain three accounts the CFO should review each day and explain why. Focus on short-term balance sheet accounts, i.e., “receivables and payables.”
3. Your business letter should:
Use the accepted business letter format and example as provided above.
Utilize Standard English and use correct spelling and grammar.
Provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
The writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
4. Your business letter must be written in a minimum of 2 pages using APA 6th edition 
Part II
The ability to interact and solve problems together — even at a distance — is a key skill in today’s business environment. In this part of the assessment you have the opportunity to analyze financial data and present the rationale to deny a loan renewal request besides getting some practice operating as you were a member of a team.
Instructions: Read the scenario in the pdf provided below and then access the data spreadsheet and the denial letter template, as well as the grading rubric. Then, as if you were a member of a team, respond to the checklist items below.
In a Microsoft® Word® document address the following as if you were a member of a team (although you alone are responsible for the deliverables) based on the scenario in the pdf provided:
-Provide the goals, resources, and timelines for the team project.
-Explain the communication protocol for team members.
-Explain how you resolved the problems on page #8 of the pdf.
Access the denial letter template below and complete the loan denial letter.
As the loan officer, you must pass along the news in a business letter that is most professional and written in an objective manner. Please use values in the letter whenever possible.
Access the data worksheet below and complete it.
Using analysis of the data sheet, explain in your letter why you are denying the loan renewal based on:
-Accounts Receivable
-Accounts Payable
Submit the three completed documents: (1) the Microsoft® Word® document explaining your team process, communication, and problem solving from bullet #1 (label as part a); (2) include the loan renewal denial letter (label as part 2b) and (3) the data worksheet (label as part 2c) to the Dropbox labelled as Assessment “MT480M1-2_CFO_your name” and submit to the M1-2 Dropbox.

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