Participant Observation of a Community Health Nurse

Participant Observation of a Community Health Nurse
Paper instructions:
1) For each role observation, prepare a brief summary describing
• The role as identified in the appropriate chapter of Stanhope & Lancaster. (10 Points)
• Your observations (What did the nurse do during the period of your visit and how does it compare to what you’ve read?). (20 Points)
2) The assessment should also include the following information: (70 Points)
• Description of the nurse’s perception of the role (How does s/he view his/her role in the setting?)
• Why did s/he choose this professional role?
• What was the nurse’s career path and how have those experiences contributed to his/her current role?
• What advice would s/he give to someone considering this professional role?
• Your conclusions based on comparison of the text description of the role and your participant observation experience.


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