Personhood and others

Final paper: personhood and others Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details 1. Please read the instructions and rubric carefully and follow them completely , as I attached in the ” Final Paper Instructions and rubric” Word.doc. 2. Please also first to read the PDF of ” Contemplation Question” and CQ Response”, I want the writer to take a reflective and critical stance regarding my own view of some aspect of personhood and others. Refer to my response to the Contemplation Question as pdf “Contemplation Question” response). I want you to relate MY initial thoughts expressed in the CQ to one or more theories i provided the material. 3. I provided some philosophers’ articles,and lecture notes , needing you to choose some thinkers’ positions to summarize and evaluate (require quotes and explanation) 4. Reevaluate my view based on my CQ Response PDF, in light of the chosen philosophers’ positions/opinions

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