Double Payment for Air Conditioners: A Persuasive Claim

For your small business office, your company just bought a Solana Model AC400 window air conditioner. The salesperson accidentally put the wrong unit on the bill when the customer made the transaction. The clerk canceled the original bill and created a new charge slip when you realized the error. You discovered your company had paid two bills for an air conditioner—one for the right price and the other for the incorrect unit—months later when you reviewed the records. Without making any checks, your bookkeeper paid both bills. When you called the national chain of sellers, you had to go through a number of grating phone menus. When you did manage to speak with someone, she assured you that the $1501.86 incorrect charge would be eliminated from your subsequent account. It didn’t. The air conditioner is working fine, but you don’t want to pay twice for it.

Your Job. Send a letter of complaint to the National Appliance Sales customer service manager at 1301 North Jackson Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Specify any details that are required. Give yourself a title and sign your name. Let’s say you’re using business correspondence.

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