Cpsso1112: Career Path Success B

Based on the research you completed in the previous slide, write a one-page summary (400 to 500 words) on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

You may respond to one or more of the following

questions as you write your report.

1) Why is HIPAA important to patients?

2) How does HIPAA provide security?

3) How does HIPAA help doctor’s offices with

standardization of patient records?

4) Who is required to follow HIPAA requirements?

Requirements: 400 words


Task#2: (10 points) Campus Activity. You may attend a campus activity, event, or club meeting and write a 1 page, double spaced summary. This should be on NOVA campus and be something outside of what you would normally participate in. In your summary, you should briefly summarize what was presented and discuss the ways that you did (or did not) see principles of Interpersonal Communication. Use 5 terms or concepts that you have been learning about in class and classroom discussions. Underline and define all 5 key concepts used. * Due to the current changes related to COVID-19 please work within your comfort zone an online campus meeting or activity works for this too

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