Pharmacy, Nutrition, and COVID-19

Please answer the following questions extremely well… No references needed and NO PLAGERISM. I have attached information that can help you answer the questions.. You will need to do research on the COVID-19. questions.

Here is an example of one previously written, it’s not the same questions but the purpose it similar.

Interview questions for Pharmanews Diaspora Column
Below are the questions ma’am:
1.Briefly tell us about yourself ma?
2. As an expert in nutritional support, from your point of care role with COVID-19 patients, what is the place of nutrition in patients outcome?
3. Having made valuable contributions in the areas of pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical science, what could you describe as the challenges impending best practices in these areas?
4.Being an experienced practitioner of clinical pharmacy, would you say consultant title for pharmacists is out of place, as it is being contended by Nigerian medics?
5.Still on COVID-19, how would you assess the global management of the infection?
6. A critical review of Pharmacy practice shows there are differences in practice across the globe. As a Professor of Pharmacy, how can this gap be bridged?
7. In what ways can pharmacists upgrade their roles in critical care pf patients?
8. As an accomplished pharmacist, what is your advice to young pharmacists aspiring to be like you?


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