As we discussed in class, you will be required to submit a response to three questions (minimum should be around 500 words each) found at the beginning of the chapters of your textbook. Parameters: One question per chapter — you can’t answer multiple from one chapter. I.e., one from mind, one from ethics, one from politics. You MUST reference the textbook. If you don’t, there will be a severe grade reduction for each question. If you choose to include things from outside the textbook, they must be either (1) from primary sources–i.e., they must come from the hand of a philosopher him/herself. For example, if you want to write about utilitarianism, you can use John Stuart Mill or Jeremy Bentham as a reference. Or (2) from or Using any other source without checking with me first will result in a severe grade reduction. Text that needs to be used : Thinking it Through : An introduction to Contemporary Philosophy By Kwame Anthony Appiah Questions to answer 1.) Could we make a machine with a mind ? ( Mind, Chapter 1 ) 2.) How can we justify our claims to Knowledge ( Knowledge, Chapter 2) 3.) How can we tell what is right ? ( Morality, Chapter 5 ) ” Don’t take answers directly from the book, take the time to interpret them and use the text to back up your claims “

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