Physician -Assisted Suicie

Firs paragraph should begin with topic. Explain why it i the best way to approach the question and how the reasoning supports the position you think is strongest. Raise an objection ad be able to respond to it. After explaining the ethical reasoning that supports your position, you should raise an objection and respond to it. An objection articulates a plausible reason why someone might find the argument weak or problematic. You should explain how it brings out this weakness, and do so in a way that would be acceptable to someone who disagrees with your own argument. Then, provide the best response you can to the objection, showing how it does not undermine your position. Your response should not simply restate your original position or argument, but should say something new in support of it.Provide a conclusion that sums up what you presented in the paper and offers some final reflections. You must use at least four scholarly resources.In the course of doing so, you must make reference to at least two of the approaches that we have examined in the course (such as deontological, utilitarian, or virtue-based), and utilize at least one resource off the provided list for each of the two approaches. One of these theories may be the theory. Paper mus be 1500 words long. Excluding title and reference page. Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement and statement of procedure.

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