Pico Format For Nursing Paper


a tutor from this site did this homework for me,but it wasn’t the format supossed to be and he/she ignored all my masseges to correct the answe. Now,despite that i paid before, should post myhomework again.It is not fair to me,please pay attention what student want.


need help for # homework. My instructor asked us to research an article in nursing, and base on that article, have brief respond in PICO format, maybe 1 or 2 complete senteces for each part. My teacher wants to see the article we chose to do pico. I provide PICO info.:


component                                                                              consideration




P= Patient, populatio, or problem of interest                        Need for explicit description, may include setting, l   .


limiting to subgroup(such as by age)




I= Intervention of interest                                                 The more defines, the more focused the search of the


litrature wil be,may include expodure,treatment,patient


perception,diagnostic test, or predicting factor.








C= Comparison of Interest                                               Usually the comparison is to another treatment or the usual


standard of care.




O= Outcome of Interest                                                    Specifically identifying the outcome to enable a litrature


search to find evidence that examined the same outcome


perhaps in different ways.




It could be any topping for nursing research, just do it in pico format at the end.She told it could be maybe 1 complete sentece for each part,the new article would be the best.i should give article to  my teacher too.



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