PJM quality management


Please remember to use original ideas while writing and to cite books rather than websites. must read and comprehend Chapters 1–3 of the textbook before answering the following questions:
You should focus on your experience with specific tools and approaches used in project quality management or quality management in general. Tell your team about some tools and strategies you would like to employ when you land a position in project management if you lack any work experience. You should think about the following issues:

1. Which of the philosophers, if any, does your company currently or in the past adhere to? You may employ a bogus company if you have no prior work experience.
2. What high-quality equipment have you utilized at work? Which of the quality tools would you like to employ if you don’t have any work experience?
3. How do you think these ideologies and techniques might be correctly applied in your organization (past, current, or hypothetical) to make it better?
4. Describe your objectives for this course, excluding earning an A.
5. Make a table to display the team’s cycle of roles and duties.

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Your paper should generally follow the APA style for reference pages and in-text citations. No double-spacing is necessary. The maximum number of pages for this assignment is three (single-spaced, 10-point font).


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