Planning & implementation for Health promotion and Public health

UK writers only. Need to reference Harvard style.

Write an academic essay which critically analyses the implementation of one local health promotion or public health program(can be healthy walk campaign ) in 1000 words.
Assessed against learning outcomes 2,3 and4 (uploaded file).
1.Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for working with stakeholders and communities in health promotion and public health work.
2. Address multiple perspectives in the complex systems of health and social care.
3. Recognize the importance of collaborative working with interdisciplinary partners in health promotion and public health.
4. Critically analyse how health promotion and public health projects are developed and delivered using locally available resources.

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Have you found a national policy relating to this topic?
What have you found in relation to what is being done in your chosen borought abouth the topic ( London Borough of Sutton SM6 in UK).
What are the effectiveness issues? ( what is the evidence for the activity)
What are the evaluation issues ? ( eg How is evaluation conducted )
What are the implementation issues? ( eg Staffing and resource requirements,local priority, an issue that is in the local health and wellbeing strategy)
What literature are you using?
Which stakeholders will you refer to?
Which organisations will you refer to?
What joint working and collaborative relationships and inter-disciplinary working will you refer to?
What do you know about the development of the health promotion activity you have picked?
What do you know about the way in which it is delivered in your borough?

Please mention the national policy.

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