Planning an effective program takes time.

first discussion

Program Planning Principles

Planning an effective program takes time. While planning, implementing, and evaluating programs are all interrelated, good planning skills are a prerequisite to programs worthy of evaluation.
Discuss the significance of applying program planning principles in the program planning process as well as evaluation.
first assignment
Planning Models
TO: Agency Health Education and Health Promotion Personnel
FROM: The Director
RE: Planning Models
I am concerned that we always seem to be a day late and a dollar short in implementing our health promotion programs.

  1. I’d like for you to develop a PERT chart for a community based smoking cessation program.
  2. I also am not sure that the diagnosis stage of our planning is adequate. Use the PRECEED model to prepare an educational diagnosis of lung cancer.

Thank you.
2nd assignment
Your Marketing Plan & Budget
For your public health program, develop a marketing strategy that would best fit your target audience. What would you do specifically? Describe your marketing plan using the plan described in your Unit 4 reading. Who would you need to involve in your marketing strategy? Any approval needed? (Put ‘cost’ in your budget below).
In addition, create a mock budget for your program. What resources will you need? Staff, supplies, space, marketing, incentives, etc? Please use the sample budget template in ‘Doc Sharing”’ to create your proposed budget.
Present your assignment as a 2-3 page Microsoft Word document. Please include APA-style formatted references in the body of the paper and as a reference list. Upload the document to appropriate Unit dropbox by the due date.
do it on a separate page.

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