Please assist me with the following lab Task 1 Scenario: Universal Bank offers v

Please assist me with the following lab
Task 1
Scenario: Universal Bank offers various services to its customers. The bank has various branches all over the country and therefore, each branch has a unique code. The bank stores the details of its customers such as customer ID, customer name, account number, address, phone number, and email address. In addition, the bank offers its customers a choice of accounts, such as savings account, current account, and loan account. In addition, the bank stores its employee details, such as employee code, employee name, employee address, phone number, and email address.
For the given scenario, complete the following:
 Identify the various classes and their attributes used in this scenario.
 Create a UML class diagram depicting the relationship among classes for the customer and employee information system of Universal Bank.
 Create the Java code to implement the identified classes.
 Assign values to the identified attributes.
 Display the attribute values.
Task 2Scenario: Royal College offers different courses to its students. Whenever a student enrolls for a course, the student details, such as Registration Number, Department Name, and Permanent Address, Email ID, and Phone Number, are registered.For the given scenario, write a Java program using the Scanner class to get these student details from the user.
2Task 3Analyze and identify the errors in the following Java code and rewrite the code.class Course{String courseCode, courseName;int duration;}public class CourseTest{public static void main(){Course c;c.courseCode = “C0001”;c.courseName = “Programming in Java”;c.duration = 4;System.out.println(“Course Code + ” + c.courseCode);System.out.println(“Course Name + ” + c.courseName);System.out.println(“Course Duration in Months: ” + c.duration);}}

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