Please Don’t Respond If You Don’t Fit The Criteria!!

Seeking a professor or very knowledgeable person with a strong educational background in organizational psychology and or ethics to complete a final exam. Must have strong writing skills and must be able to deliver completed work with graduate level quality (no spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, formatting errors). WILL NOT PAY FOR UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL WORK. Final exam has several sections of fill in the blank questions and are based on readings that I will upload for your review. Because the exam is so extensive and requires lots of writing as well as some reading in order to provide relevant and in depth answers, I will pay $250 for an A, $150 for a B and $80 for a C will not pay for work that receives anything below a solid C letter grade. Work must be completed by 11:59 4/30/2018 no exceptions. Please be professional if you accept the work complete it. Serious inquiries only. Thank you. Also, there is a bonus section at the end of the exam it is optional but if you complete the bonus section and I receive extra credit i will pay $10 extra. Again i am paying you top dollar i expect quality work please. Seeking writer immediately.

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